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Where do your DREAM dollars go?

Heart of Cool Trail and Dream Run

 It not too late to buy Heart of Cool Dream Run Spirit Gear.  The Heart of Cool website is online and ready!  Please go to the “Shop” section to purchase Spirit Gear or preorder your awesome Heart of Cool trucker hat.  www.heartofcooltrailrun.com 


We are hard at work with the annual Open House –All School performance and preparing Team Meissner and Team Arnett for 6th grade science camp! Stay tuned for a fantastic finish.

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buy HoC Spirit Gear

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Twitter @HoCTrailRun


School Attendance and School Funding Made Simple

Black Oak Mine U.S.D. will be losing approximately $90,000.00 in funding next year from the state due to a rise in school truancy and illness. In short, when students are not at school the state removes funding for those students on a daily basis. Sick or truant makes no difference the state keeps the funds. 


Illness: When our children are ill they need to stay home. Fevers and communicable diseases are a good reason to miss school. You cannot learn when you are unwell.  

Truancy (Playing Hooky) A large percentage of absenteeism is truancy,  even at Northside. Truancy is making the choice not to get an education. The following were reasons listed by parents for keeping students out of school: trips to Disneyland, parent's anniversary's, extended vacations, birthdays and more. 


How does this translate to your school? It means less money for books, technology, school assemblies and supplies. It's not fair, but it is a consequence of students not being in school plain and simple. Please consider investing in your student's future send them to school when they are well! 


Competitive Wrestling - Team Northside

Each year Northside participates in Team Wrestling. Northside total enrollment is 346 students,  188 boys and 158 girls, grades TK-6.  This year  13 Northside students participated in the district wrestling program. 

Total Enrollment : 13

Boys: 12

Girls: 1


Team Northside 15-16

Non-Discrimination Policy


Non-Discrimination Policy

Black Oak Mine Unified School District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from discrimination based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression; or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

If you believe you have been discriminated against, immediately contact the school site principal and/or Director of Educational Services/ Title IX coordinator at the District Office at (530) 333-8300 x6 or rwilliams@bomusd.org A copy of Black Oak Mine's non-discrimination policy is available upon request.

Open House and Book Fair

Our Open House and Book Fair are this Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. Our school wide performance of Cool Character with our entire student body will begin at 6 in the cafetorium. Classes will open approximately forty-five minutes later for parents and students. Finally, the book fair will be in our library and will be open from 7 to 8:30. Can't wait to see you there to celebrate our accomplishments!

Northside School Calendar

Dress Code-Link to Handbook on Quicklinks

Dress Code

Northside students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate to the

School environment.



  • Clothing must be clean, in good repair, and size appropriate
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.  Shoes need to be appropriate for all school activities. For this reason, flip flops and other sandals with no back strap are not allowed.
  • All pants must be worn at the waist. Belts must be buckled and worn at the waistline.
  • Sweaters and hooded sweatshirts may be worn BUT hood must be off in class
  • Dresses, shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh (fingertip length) or longer, even when worn with leggings or tights.
  • Hats are to remain off in class.


  • No holes or tears are allowed in any garments worn by students.
  • Bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, halter tops, tank tops with large sleeve openings, tank tops with less than 2” wide straps, basketball jerseys (unless a T-shirt is with sleeves is worn underneath), see-through, mesh, or sheer tops through which undergarments can be seen, or shirts/tops that expose the entire shoulder.
  • Tights are considered undergarments and must be accompanied by dress code compliant outer wear.
  • Low-cut blouses/shirts/tops or extremely tight tops, tube tops, or any top that exposes cleavage. 
  • Pajamas, bedroom slippers
  • temporary body art, face paint, writing or drawings on the body
  • Clothing with distracting phrases or words
  • Shoes with wheels or stiletto heels

No -School Friday!

Northside will be closed from Friday, May 27th  through  Monday, May 31st  in observance of Memorial Day!

College and Career Ready....Brought to You by Northside School

Black Oak Mine Unified School District

Black Oak Mine Unified School District


April 15, 2016


At the regular April 14 meeting of the Black Oak Mine Unified School District, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve a new administrative model.  Scenario #5, as it is called, reduces administration to four full-time administrators from the current five and two-thirds full time positions.  The reduction will save the district approximately $196,000.  The new administrative model is displayed in the following:


Scenario #5        Principal-Northside

                              Principal-Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School

                              Asst. Principal/Coordinator-Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School

                              Superintendent/Principal-Georgetown School


The Board conducted a thorough review of eight scenarios. A ninth was proposed during the discussion. A packed board room composed of district staff and community members shared concerns and support for various scenarios with the Board.   Fiscal responsibility played a prominent role in the final decision.

Questions regarding the new model can be directed to the Office of the Superintendent: 333-8300 ext 7.

We are a California Distinguished School

Congratulations Northside School- 2013/14 Nominee

Immunization Questions?

Questions about student immunization law?


IOU Lunch Policy

2015-16 IOU Policy

IOU charge limits:

  • Grades K-6 reduced priced meals $.30 Breakfast $.40 Lunch
  • Grades K-6  full priced meals $1.50  Breakfast  $ 2.75 Lunch

Dollar limit is equal to 3 IOU’s for breakfast and 3 IOU’s for lunch. When a student has reached the dollar limit allowed, the parent will be responsible for providing meals until the account is paid.

Students will not be sent to the office to call home. No child will go without eating. Cafeteria managers will provide an alternate meal to those students who have money owed for lunch  or who do not have a lunch with them without an IOU being issued.

Possible Alternate Meals
Breakfast: Dry Cereal & Milk
Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwich & Milk

Extended Day- Before and Afterschool Care

Registration Information for EDCOE Before and Afterschool Care at Northside

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